About GB

DBJ Green Building Certification Program was launched by DBJ in April, 2011 for the purpose of supporting the properties which give proper care to environment and society (Green Building).

The program evaluates, certifies and supports properties which are required by society and economy. It makes comprehensive assessment of properties, while evaluating various factors which range from properties’ environmental features to their communication with stakeholders, such as disaster prevention and proper care for surrounding communities.

The program introduced the join-operation by Japan Real Estate Institute (JREI) and DBJ in Feb 2014, in order to facilitate further penetration in the market and to realize reflection of more values on the certified properties.

Purpose and Philosophy

Remarkably growing is the momentum toward Green Building which gives proper care to environment and society, while we see stronger societal demand from stakeholders surrounding properties as well as more diversified needs from tenants.
Taking advantage of its financial capabilities, DBJ would like to evaluate, support and promote advanced activities of Green Buildings’ owners and operators.
This program aims to convey clients’ activities to the public through gaining popularity of “DBJ Green Building Certificate”, and to facilitate dialogues and co-activities among property owners, operators, investors and financial institutions.
Our ultimate goal is to create and nurture the desirable property investment environment from socioeconomic perspective, where property values should reflect environmental and social factors which have not been taken into due consideration in the appraisal so far.


Purpose & Principles

Target properties for certification

Today, DBJ GB certifications are provided only to properties which are owned or operated by clients and business partners of DBJ and/or JREI, who are willing to accept the cooperation toward the development of our program.

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Case Study

The number of certifications has continued to increase since the April 2011 start of DBJ Green Building certification (over 250 properties certified as of the end of October 2015).

Here are representative practices.

  • Marunouchi Park Building
  • Nisshokan Bldg
  • SG Realty Yokohama

Certification list


DBJ and JREI operate jointly.

In collaboration with JREI, DBJ supports building owners’ activities by focusing on appropriate evaluations for “green buildings.

Development Bank of Japan


Development Bank of Japan

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Japan Real Estate Institute


Japan Real Estate Institute

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